A lot of destinations offer a taste of Niagara.

None can be truer to that promise than AG Inspired Cuisine at the Sterling Inn - because it serves regional and seasonally inspired meals, with most of the ingredients grown in Niagara. A true farm-to-table experience for the travelling diner.

Executive chef Cory Linkson has created a daily three-course menu based on the seasonal produce from many of the farms around the Niagara region, and the menu of beautifully designed dishes is constantly being adjusted for a fresh presentation.

Here are just a few of the entrees you can choose from: grilled Nipissing quail, the AG Signature tenderloin of beef, or East Coast scallops served with grilled smoked bacon slab, pomme puree and AG Farm truffle charred broccoli.

As noted, the menu is regularly changed.

AG Inspired Cuisine is located inside the Sterling Inn and Spa on Magdalen Street in the heart of the tourism capital of Niagara Falls.

The Sterling Inn itself is something that has to be seen to be appreciated.

It's a fine-dining experience that has received the CAA 4-star rating every year since it opened. Billed as Niagara's only true boutique hotel, it was opened in a renovated former Borden stone creamery with the old milk bottle shape built into the original entrance.

At OpenTable.ca, 94 per cent of respondents said they would recommend AG Cuisine to a friend. And on TripAdvisor, 81 per cent of the readers rated the experience as excellent and another 13 per cent as very good.

And new this year to AG is the Busy Bee Honey Factory, a beekeeping operation that's part of the farm-to-table circuit here.

With the beekeeping industry facing heavy losses as bees are threatened by contaminants in the environment, the AG Busy Bee Honey Factory ensures the continued pollination of Niagara plants that supply the crops that are used here.

Local bees. Fresh, local produce. It's a great combination.

Last modified: February 8, 2019