The Top of Clifton Hill district has hosted a two week long free event for the past two years. A 2018 event will be announced September of 2018.

The best show in Niagara Falls is still the falls themselves, whether you’re viewing the thundering waters in summer or taking them in as they are brightly lit on a cold winter night.

But over a two-week period in late December and early January, another show will step up to challenge the Horseshoe Falls’ claim to the crown. Four times nightly from December 22 through January 7, there will be a spectacular free laser light show at the top of Clifton Hill along the Victoria Avenue promenade.

With the street already festively lit in bright Christmas colours and blanketed in snow, the laser experience adds a breathtaking show using the night sky as its canvas. Each night during the two-week period, demonstrations lasting 15 minutes will start at 5:30, 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 p.m.

In addition, people in attendance can have fun writing messages or drawing pictures on nearby buildings using the laser lights, via an interactive booth that will be set up on site. Again, it’s free.

For a small taste of the thrilling laser show, there are several videos posted to YouTube. Search under “Niagara Falls laser light show” for a look. It’s no substitute for the joy of being there in the crowd on a cold, dark winter evening but it will give you an idea of the show the operators are capable of staging. It’s pretty impressive.

The show is sponsored by the Ontario Power Generation Winter Festival of Lights, which illuminates displays and properties all along the Niagara Parkway near the falls over the Christmas season – another free event that is good for the entire family.

Last modified: March 8, 2018