Dufferin Islands is a popular park in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada that is visited by tourists and local residents. Perfect for a relaxing stroll along the winding pathways, lush greenery and waterways that are interlaced through 4 small islands. Dufferin Islands is also home to ducks, geese and other wildlife. You'll see many an aviary fancier hand feeding Chickadees. The park is maintained by the Niagara Parks Commission and is open all year round.

Located approximately ½ mile upriver from the Canadian Horseshoe Falls along the Niagara River. Dufferin Islands were formed as part of the debris left behind from the last Wisconsin Glacier fifty thousand years ago.

From November to the end of January Dufferin Islands is home to the Winter Festival of Lights displays. People come from all over to drive through and witness the displays which are enhanced every year.

Bring your camera and set aside some time to visit this beautiful park.

Last modified: July 24, 2018