A little rock, a little shock: that’s how we do Halloween in Niagara Falls.

Two of our most popular tourist venues – Nightmares Fear Factory and the Greg Frewin Theatre - are planning very different ways to make the scariest night of the year the most memorable, too.
First, the creepy stuff.

Every day, Nightmares Fear Factory tests visitors’ nerves and courage, as they make their way through the darkened, twisting, narrow hallways inside.

What just moved? What was that sound? Something just touched me! Its website says 160,000 people have chickened out during their visit to the Victoria Avenue haunt. They should know.

This place – which legend has it was built in an old coffin factory – has been scaring the daylights out of its customers for years.

Let’s just say things get a little more intense at Halloween.

“Staff try extra hard on Halloween night,” operators say on the Fear Factory website. It’s fun to be scared. And assuming you make it through without calling to be rescued like some helpless infant, it’s a laugh to get to the end and see the photos of yourself and your friends that were taken while you were inside.

You might feel brave, but the pictures can tell a different story – eyes bugged out in fear, cowering, thrusting a friend or family member between you and that sound that made you jump.
But it’s all in fun. And just because it’s an old coffin factory doesn’t mean it’s haunted, right?

Just as much fun, but without the fear, is the Halloween Costume Party planned at the Greg Frewin Theatre on Friday, Oct. 25.

It features music by Practically Hip, one of the best Tragically Hip tribute bands around. They’ll pump out a night of fine Canadian tunes, and the evening also features a best-costume contest.

Of course, topping the bill is a thrilling performance of magic by Greg Frewin himself, one of the most honoured and highly respected magicians in the world.

He will thrill you, baffle you, wow you with his tigers, and throw in a few laughs, too. He has headlined all over the planet and his performance truly is world-class.
Festivities kick off at 6:30 p.m. and tickets are available that also include a full buffet meal along with the costume contest and entertainment.

The dinner theatre on Ellen Avenue is a beautiful setting and makes for a wonderful night out any time.
Just a thought, but it would be a pretty cool day to take in both events – come to Niagara Falls on Oct. 25, collect your courage and go through the Fear Factory, then release a little tension later at the Frewin theatre party.

They’re within easy walking distance of each other and the bonus of it all is, if you still have time on your hands after all this, remember – you’re in Niagara Falls.

There’s still a ton of adventures to be had!

Last modified: October 27, 2019