Lights, countdown - action!

Niagara Falls was made for a night like New Year's Eve. It's a party all year here on Clifton Hill but on Dec. 31 things really take off.

Here are a few ways to say goodbye to 2018 and hello to the new year at Canada's hottest visitor destination.

For starters, think about where you want to be when the fireworks blast off over the falls and the clock strikes 12.

Is there a better place to take it all in than the Niagara Skywheel, that giant Ferris wheel at the top of Clifton Hill?

See how the Niagara Falls skyline looks from 175 feet up - the entire tourist area brightly lit for the Winter Festival of Lights, and the 40,000 or so people gathered in Queen Victoria Park across from the falls for the nighttime concert.

From up there, take in the big fireworks show over the falls and watch our version of the Times Square New Year's Eve ball-drop - the descent of the yellow elevator on the side of the Skylon Tower, with the crowd cheering below.

The concert at the falls is headlined by Burton Cummings, with the Sheepdogs, Walk Off the Earth and Avenue Inn opening. It's a big deal - CBC is broadcasting the show across Canada, and CNN's Anderson Cooper is expected to cut to it throughout the night as well.

But you've still got a lot of options here.

How about New Year's Eve at the Greg Frewin Theatre, featuring Frewin, an International Grand Champion of Magic and longtime star on the Las Vegas Strip?

He has his own theatre in Niagara Falls and will perform two shows on New Year's Eve. The night also features a great dinner buffet and music by The Associates.

The restaurants and bars all around Clifton Hill have their own plans for the big night.

Ever seen the movie The World's End, where a group of guys try to top an epic pub crawl they did 20 years before? Well, it's kind of like that - why not hit every bar or restaurant on the street, even for a few minutes?

Consider it a challenge and a good way to remember the last hours of 2018.

Clifton Hill itself is a day-long adventure you could experience leading up to the big show at the falls. There are so many stops on the route for anyone who takes it - video halls, 3-D theatres, miniature golf among the dinosaurs, a zombie attack challenge, the blacklight Ghost Blasters, the Niagara Speedway - even helicopter rides over the falls (but not while the fireworks are on, thankfully!)

Of course, after all that if ayou're a little pooped and not up to the crowds at the New Year's Eve concert, there is one more stop to make before you head back to the hotel - take a peaceful stroll among the displays of the Winter Festival of Lights.

They run through Clifton Hill and down around the falls to Dufferin Islands.

Maybe that's a gentler, more romantic end to your big night in the Falls. So many choices!

Last modified: December 3, 2018