We all look forward to Spring in Niagara Falls. It’s the season that brings sunnier days, and splashes of colourful blossoms and greenery into the drab scenery of late winter.

The roar of the Mighty Niagara Falls can be heard from far away. The sound becoming stronger and louder the closer you get to the Niagara gorge. The beauty of the American and Canadian Horseshoe falls can be enjoyed any time of year, but Spring offers a pretty backdrop to this spectacular wonder.

Niagara Falls, is known as the daffodil capital of North America because The Niagara Parks Commission plants over 30,000 of them each year. You can’t help but smile when you see gardens filled with these bright happy yellow flowers throughout Queen Victoria Park. Up above, pink blossoms cover Cherry trees that line the garden walkways with pockets of purple and white crocus hugging the ground.

The official flower of Ontario is the Trillium. This pretty 3 petaled wild flower can only be seen in the spring. The Maple Trees are on tap during the Spring, and Canada is known for its Maple Syrup, therefore it comes as no surprise that the Maple Leaf is the official Canadian symbol.

Spring in Niagara Falls launches many events such as: Cuvee Grand Tasting at the Scotiabank Convention Centre, the Home and Garden Show, or Springlicious an event that takes place on Queen Street in the downtown core of Niagara Falls that takes place every Spring.

It’s the perfect time to plan your stay in Niagara Falls. The Clifton Hill District has perfectly situated hotels just minutes from the Falls, events, attractions and great restaurants. Check out our list of hotels, motels, and Inns that will match your budget perfectly.

Visit Niagara Falls Ontario Canada this Spring, it’s the perfect time.

Last modified: February 1, 2018