So you're having a great day on Clifton Hill, that famous street that must have been built for families that just want to have fun.

Maybe you've visited a museum or two and tried out the 3-D moving theatre ride, and you're ready to stop to refuel before picking up where you left off checking out all the exciting attractions.

The weather is great, and you're not looking for a fancy sit-down meal. Just a great burger, maybe some fries or rings on the side, a beverage of some kind and a relaxing place to throw it all back.

Face it, what you're looking for is The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro.

It's situated on Victoria Avenue, right at the top of Clifton Hill. If you're mid-hill, look down and you see the falls. Look up, and you see The Works. It's calling your name.

There are restaurants that serve hamburgers, and then there are places that are major league, dedicated to offering the real deal - like The Works.

Those places are few and far between, so when you see one you gotta go.

The Works' menu is loaded with the best gourmet burgers, be it beef, chicken or turkey. As they say on the menu, size matters. Same with their sandwich options.

Then there are great side options like fries, poutine and onion ring towers, plus real hand-scooped milkshakes in more than a dozen flavours.

Or - especially on a hot day - you might be more in the mood for a mixed drink, an ice-cold beer or something more family-friendly from the pop menu.

The Works is definitely a family-friendly place. TripAdvisor readers give this restaurant 4.5 out of 5 stars in their online poll, noting the reasonable prices along with great menu.

Google it yourself and have a look at the online photos. It's a great place to relax with a burger and beverage, with its comfortable, casual booths and decor.

Then it's back to the streets of Clifton Hill, maybe to try out the go-karts or head down to see the falls close-up. There's no reason you can't go back to The Works again tomorrow - it's a big, varied menu with so many choices. And they all look so good.

Last modified: April 16, 2019