"Indulgence, gratitude and attention to detail."

That, says Weinkeller restaurant owner Chris Dobson, is the way to satisfy a customer's needs.

It's something he has learned from more than three decades in the hospitality business, having worked in restaurants, nightclubs and lounges on the West Coast before moving to Niagara Falls in 2008 to be closer to his wife's family.

Now Weinkeller, at 5633 Victoria Avenue, offers one of the most memorable dining experiences in the city, right in the heart of the fabled Clifton Hill tourism district.

The menu is composed of farm-to-table-food grown locally and prepared fresh, with an attractive wine selection to compliment it.

The brick interior, built around a stunning, centrepiece fireplace, provides a really comfortable European feel.

Check out the varied menu. It includes everything from specialty pasta dishes, including vegetarian linguine, to fish, pork, chicken and hand-carved New York steak with bernaise sauce.

Words on paper don't properly describe it, though.

In-house chef Robert Forster and his crew are expert at preparing beautiful meals.

After one of those entrees, how about a little dessert?

Maybe baked cheesecake, with flavours depending on the season? Or creme brulee, chocolate wonton or semifreddo?

Again ... just words. Go to their website and look at the photos to get the full effect.

Weinkeller isn't part of a franchise operation. It's a locally owned restaurant, that describes itself as casually upscale. It's a craft winery and fresh food experience.

In German, weinkeller means wine cellar. Since everything is made in-house, the chefs can accommodate most customers' allergy concerns, too.

The good thing about the location - just up Victoria Avenue from the top of Clifton Hill - means it is close to so many other attractions.

Take in some of the thrills on the hill, maybe take your chances at Casino Niagara. They're literally just steps away from Weinkeller, as is the American Falls and a little farther down the road, the Horseshoe Falls and Table Rock.

Weinkeller is definitely worth the drive in to the Falls, for a beautiful meal and visitor experience.

Last modified: February 7, 2019