There are so many things to do in the Clifton Hill district of Niagara Falls that it's known for being the 'fun' spot to visit. Attractions range from museums, haunted houses, Ferris Wheel, Casino Niagara, Indoor Waterparks and more.


The Clifton Hill District represents many Niagara Falls Canada restaurants. They offer everything from international cuisine and wine bars to steakhouses and ice cream parlours, so you can craft your own culinary adventure.


Stay in the Clifton Hill District of Niagara Falls, for a weekend getaway or a family vacation. What makes the district different is the variety of inns, motels and 4 star hotels in the heart of the tourism core.


Niagara Falls shopping along Victoria Avenue and Clifton Hill could keep you busy for days! If you are in the Falls shopping for souvenirs head to Clifton Hill or try on trendy new clothing stores for size along Victoria Avenue.

Events in Niagara Falls

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