Located just one block from the mighty Niagara Falls, the Clifton Hill District is your destination for family fun!

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With an array of inns, motels and hotels Clifton Hill District puts you just steps away from the action of the entertainment district. And while you’re here, see a Vegas-style show at the Greg Frewin Theatre, have a romantic dinner, be amazed at Ripley’s, ride the Skywheel, or pick up a unique souvenir.

Visit Victoria Centre & Clifton Hill Tourist Area and see what all the excitement is about!

This website is brought to you by the Victoria Centre BIA (Business Improvement Association), known as the 'Clifton Hill District'


  1. Fallsview Boulevard
  2. Victoria Centre BIA 'Clifton Hill District'
  3. Lundy's Lane
  4. Main & Ferry
  5. Downtown Niagara Falls


Did you know that the Victoria Avenue 'Clifton Hill District' was the orginal Town of Niagara Falls?

How we give back to NIAGARA FALLS

The Clifton Hill District (Victoria Centre BIA) sponsors many large tourism related events such as: the Falls Illuminations, The Winter Festival of Lights, The Scotiabank Convention Centre and New Year's Eve.


The Clifton Hill district has committed to a 5 year investment in the new 'Falls Illuminatons'.

An upcoming 4-million-dollar investment to modernize the illumination of the Falls will be invested into equally by both Canada and the United States. Public and Private investors have come together to ensure the projects success.

The current lighting technology provides low levels of lighting by modern standards. The new LED lighting will require minimum maintenance, use 82 per cent less power and provide spectacular illumination shows.

The first illumination of the falls happened in January 1879 and paved the way for the Falls to be illuminated every night, drawing tourists and locals to see the ever changing backdrop over Canada’s most iconic natural wonder.


The Victoria Centre BIA 'Clifton Hill District' has been a proud sponsor of the Winter Festival of Lights for decades. Sponsoring fireworks, laserlight shows, lighting along the Niagara Parkway, Dufferin Islands and grand openings. We continue to support this winter season event which remains free to visitors from November to the end of January.


Built in 2011, the Victoria Centre BIA 'Clifton Hill District', committed to a 10 year sponsorship to ensure its success. The 28,880 square feet facility boasts a 1,000 seat entertainment space that offer visitors a wide range of productions, events and theatrical productions. The Scotiabank Convention Centre, hosted Rendezvous Canada in 2015 to visitors around the world. You can check online for the many events hosted at the facility throughout the year.


Who hasn't heard of the Niagara Falls New Year's Eve celebration? Sometimes the talent is huge like Keith Urban and Demi Lovato, sometimes the flavour is more home grown. Either way this extraordinary event is always free, and is a favourite across the country. This event is made possible through a group collaboration with the City of Niagara Falls who collaborate with stakeholders to raise funds and hire the talent. Niagara Parks who provide the location and the logistical staff, along with the numerous associations like ourselves who provide the necessary funding.