Border Crossing & Passport Information

Beginning June 1, 2009, in accordance with the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) only the following documents will be permissible:

  • NEXUS card - The trusted traveler card for pre-approved, low-risk travelers with dedicated commuter lanes, expedited marine reporting and access to NEXUS kiosks at designated Canadian airports. Cost is $50 U.S and a card is valid for five years. Application can be made on-line by going to . Enrollment centers are located in Fort Erie, ON, at the Peace Bridge and in Niagara Falls, NY, at the Whirlpool Bridge.
  • Passport - For all international travel. U.S Passports cost $110 (age 16 and older + 25 fee for first time applicants) and are valid for 10 years and $80 (under age 16) and are valid for 5 years. For more information go to Canadian Passports cost $120 ( 5year) and $160 ( 10 year)-age 16 and older; and $57 (ages 0-15) and are valid for 5 years. For information go to
  • U.S. Passport Card - This is a wallet size card for U.S. citizens only with RFID technology for expeditied passage. The cost is $20 for holders of a U.S. passport. for others it is a $45 (age 16 and older) and is valid for 10 years, and $35 (under age 16) and is valid for 5 years. For information go to
  • Enhanced Driver's License (EDL) - A driver's license with RFID technology proving U.S. citizenship and residency. Also available are Enhanced non-driver photo ID cards (ENDIDS). Cost is $30 over a regular driver's license and is valid for 8 years.
    For more information, visit:
  • Ontario -An enhanced driver’s licence is an upgrade to an Ontario driver’s licence that can be used as a travel document between Canada and the United States of America when travelling by road or water.
    For more information, visit:

For further information contact:
Ron Rienas, General Manager, Peace Bridge
716-884-6744 or 905-871-1608 ext 226